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Indian marigold: still having an effect!

French marigold is a plant that offers very pretty flowers in summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Tagetes
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Annual

: 20 to 90 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : Spring, Summer

It is a plant that we also like to install in the kitchen garden to fight against aphids or nematodes.

Planting and caring for marigolds is a gesture that improves flowering.

Planting marigolds

Planting is an important step because it is this which conditions the growth of the plant and the beautiful flowering of the marigold.

The plantation

Plant the marigolds bought from garden centers in the spring, from April and May.

Mix the soil in your garden with special potting soil for flowering plants and keep a distance of about 20-30 cm between each plant.

In sowing,

Perform a sowing under shelter from February March and transplant once in April before setting up in May.

  • Place your marigolds in the middle of your vegetable garden to fight against nematodes, near tomatoes or roses for fight against aphids

Caring for Indian carnation

Easy to maintain, the marigold is a plant that needs little care, especially when it is well established.

  • Remove faded flowers as you go, this stimulates theappearance of new flowers.

Watering the marigolds:

  • Water in case of high heat or, for potted marigolds, as soon as the earth is dry on the surface.
  • Mulching during the summer season saves 1 in 2 waterings.
  • Be careful, too much watering can lead to root rot.
  • Also avoid wetting the foliage and flowers as this causes fungus.

If you see holes in the leaves, it's probably the work of snails or slugs.

To know about the Indian carnation

The Indian carnation, which does not originate from India but from Latin America, presents multiple varieties and as many shapes and colors.

It is a plant whose flowers bring lots of presence thanks to their size, but also to the power of their color which contrasts with the green of their foliage or that of other plants in your garden.

Also use the marigold as a means of fight against a large number of insects like the aphids where the whiteflies.

Their strong smell is a natural repellent against these garden pests.

Uses of Indian carnations:

Carnations are also known for their insect repellency
Thus, a decoction of the leaves helps fight against aphids but also other insects such as caterpillars.

This is how marigolds have been planted in the middle of the vegetable patch for a long time.

Tip about Indian carnations

The Indian carnation lends itself very well to a bouquet of flowers.

Just take a few stems mixed with some foliage from the garden and the effect is guaranteed!

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