A Japanese-inspired garden

Small wonders of elegance and balance, Japanese gardens are an unlimited source of inspiration.

You can adopt certain plants or decorative elements to give an Asian touch to your garden.

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Japanese garden

Precisely cut trees and shrubs are very important in Japanese gardens: they provide structure and play on perspective. If you too want to play with the secateurs to obtain a shrub with the perfect silhouette, adopt small conifers such as dwarf pines and false cypresses, which lend themselves well to bonsai-style pruning.

Bamboos will help bring a bit of Asia to your garden. They are practical for composing a hedge. Choose non-tracing to avoid being invaded. If your garden is small, adopt a dwarf variety, which you can also grow in pots.

Among the other typical trees of the land of the rising sun, we find the ginkgo biloba and its amazing butterfly-winged leaves, the Japanese cherry and the Japanese quince with extraordinary spring blooms and the small Japanese maples (acer palmatum and japonicum), which take on flamboyant hues in the fall. Place yours in partial shade, in acidic soil (pH 5 to 6), cool and well-drained.

You can complete the picture with flowering shrubs like Japanese camellia, azalea, hydrangea and rhododendron. Be careful, all these plants appreciate acidic soil, the norm in Japan! If your soil is limestone, plan to grow them in pots to create a mini Asian garden around your terrace for example.

On the ground, bring greenery with ferns and hostas, and plant irises, whose flower has inspired so many Japanese artists.

Oriental decor

Different decorative elements will allow you to give the final touch to your garden. You can create a winding path through the lawn with Japanese footsteps, hang a chime or a few paper lanterns from a tree branch, plant an umbrella or bamboo torches along a path ...

A stone lantern is one of the essentials, but you can also fall for a small fountain. In the shape of a Buddha or a simple square, there are solar models, the pump of which is activated by the rays of the sun.

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Photo credit: Truffaut, Plant of the Month, Fly

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