Garden storage: 5 tips for an impeccable exterior

The garden has become a real additional living room. Games, relaxation, meals… More and more things are done there that require furniture, various leisure and well-being items.

To prevent this from becoming a mess, discover 5 tips for garden storage!

Delimit spaces

For an exterior to look tidy, it must already be structured from its conception. For this, we define different living spaces according to uses: relaxation terrace, dining terrace, play area, lawn, flower beds, swimming pool, etc. Don’t hesitate to use borders and different floor coverings to distinguish each level. Then assign storage spaces for each: the decoration and the cushions on the terrace, the hammock at the bottom of the garden, the toys ready for the pool or the playground ...

2 in 1 furniture

It is not always easy to find space for a large trunk or an outside cabinet! To overcome this problem, small gardens can count on furniture. Indeed, there are many models of furniture that include storage bins. This is the case with garden furniture, which sometimes contains an empty space under the cushions. For the table, choose a model with drawers or cupboards. There are also planting boxes in which you can put a watering can.

Cabins and cabinets

While the furniture can accommodate decorative items and toys, it cannot store all of the gardener's paraphernalia. Rake, spade, garden hose, mower ... Some large objects require more space.

To hide them, you can count on a cabin. In wood or gray aluminum, it blends into the decor. Colorful, it brings a decorative touch! This sheltered space, if it has a glazed part, also allows you to plant your seedlings for your vegetable garden. If you are short on space, use a tall cabinet that will take up little floor space. Equipped with shelves, it will contain the main tools and products. In this case, don't hesitate to choose small maintenance equipment!

A well-maintained exterior

In order for the garden to look great, it must first of all be well maintained. Nature quickly reclaims its rights in favor of an exuberant wasteland! If you have a hedge or isolated shrubs, consider pruning them well so that they keep a nice silhouette. For your flower beds, do not hesitate to spread mulch to limit weed growth and enrich the soil. Your plants will then have less competition, will be protected from the cold in winter and too dry soil in summer. If you have little time for your garden but don't feel like hiring a landscaper, choose plants that are easy to maintain. This is the case with grasses which need only re-plant once a year or bamboo which requires almost no care.

Decorative storage

Storage boxes, cabinets and chests are practical but not always very aesthetic. To make them decorative, do not hesitate to install taut cables or a trellis on the walls. You will then run climbing plants such as honeysuckle or clematis. To hide them, don't hesitate to place them behind a generous bed. Then bet on evergreen foliage like Mexican orange, associated with colorful flowers like those of canas. Thus, they will blend in with the decor discreetly, leaving your garden neat, protecting the decoration and furniture in the event of bad weather.

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