Autumn, the ideal season to prepare your garden.

Autumn is coming, the time to polish your weapons to have a breathtaking garden in the spring.

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A new vegetable garden

In autumn, favor the soil of your vegetable garden! When harvesting your last vegetables, discard the old plants and leaves in the compost making sure they are not sick.

Then remove the weeds by hand or with a natural weedkiller and prevent their regrowth using a mulch. Loosen the soil with a toothed spade without exaggeration, and place organic matter such as compost or fallen leaves. The idea is not to leave the earth bare to avoid it being washed away by the rains and to limit the growth of weeds.

Autumn is also the ideal season to plant certain varieties of plants and vegetables. Some vegetables to plant in autumn are: cabbage, the lettuce winter, turnips, thesorrel, thegarlic.

Preparing the flowers for spring

If you want pretty flowers in your garden, plant flower bulbs (tulips, daffodils, daffodilhyacinths…) And perennials for the following spring.

Also remember to weed the flower beds and hoe the soil around your plants to destroy insects that have found refuge there, such as slugs.

Before the first winter cold, bring in or protect your planters and pots that fear frost. Pelargoniums and summer bulbs can be stored in the cellar. Plants of Mediterranean or exotic origin (bougainvillea, oleander, Olivier, citrus, cacti, etc.) will spend the winter in a frost-free room equipped with a window.

Reinforced shrubs

In the fall, you can strengthen the defenses of your trees and shrubs to best face the vagaries of next winter. To do this, collect the dead leaves and put them in the compost. Destroy diseased leaves and fruits to limit possible diseases next spring.

Also take advantage of the fall to remove dead or diseased branches. Be careful, however, do not prune your trees and shrubs this season, this will weaken the new stems in the face of the cold but also in the next frosts.

On the other hand, do not be afraid to make new plantations !

Conifers andheather earth shrubs are crashing now. And don't forget that in November, on Saint Catherine's Day, as the saying goes "every tree takes root". Plant your trees bare rooted in a wide hole in which you have placed a stake. Pralinize the roots, cover with soil, water to avoid air bubbles and straw. The graft point should be at ground level.

Roses planted in autumn, just like some fruit trees, ensure their robustness for the future. Don't forget to incorporate some natural fertilizer and compost.

Video: How I Prep Our Garden for Winter with Free Autumn Leaves u0026 Wood Chips (January 2022).